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Pork and Prawn Donut

Herbs marinated, Chinese wine, plum sauce (3 pieces)

Fried Chicken

House recipe chicken, fish sauce caramel, garlic, fried shallot

(3 Pieces)

Homemade Spring Rolls

Mushroom, vermicelli, sweet chilli sauce (4 Pieces)

$ 12

$ 10

$ 8.5


Beef Salad

Grilled Rump cap steak, chili, toasted rice and herbs

Papaya Salad

Dried shrimp, chilli, peanut


Larb Moo

Minced Pork, Chili, Toasted rice, herbs





Pork Skewer (Entrée)

Marinated pork, pickles (3 Skewers)

Chicken Satay (Entrée)

Marinated Chicken, coconut cream, peanut, curry sauce, cucumber relish

(3 Skewers)

Crying Tiger

Angus Beef Oyster Blade, Jaew tomato

Signature Pork Jowl

Marinated Pork Jowl, Local Mushroom, toasted rice, Jaew suace

Whole fish of the day

Grilled Snapper, tamarind sauce, herbs







Pad See Ew

Charred Noodle, Chinese broccoli, soy bean, tofu

Pad Thai

Dried shrimp, tofu, chive, bean spouts, peanut


Vegetable         $17.50

Chicken           $18.50

Prawn              $23


Cashew nuts chicken

Cashew nuts, garlic, chilli paste, capsicum

Crispy Pork with Kai Lan

Garlic, Kai Lan

Seasonal vegetable stir fry

Local vegetables, garlic

Fried Rice

Your meat selection, Eggs, cucumber

Pad Ka Pao

Basil, garlic, chilli, Snake beans




Chicken          $18.50

Crab              $25

Minced Beef    $22.50

Roasted Pork    $24.50


Tom Yum

Hot and sour soup, local mushroom, chili

Tom Kha

Coconut based soup, local mushroom, chili

Green Curry Chicken

Coconut, Thai eggplant, chilli

Panang Curry Beef

Short Rib, coconut, chilli

Massaman Beef

Braised Beef, sweet potatoes, Shallot

Grilled Shark bay Prawn Curry

Charred prawns, coconut, chili, herbs

Prawn              $22.50

Mushroom        $18.50

Chicken           $22.50

Mushroom        $18.50





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